Wolves Motorcycle Club (MC) Tucson was established in 2003 by 3 brothers-in-blood bonded by the strength of their passion and love for motorcycles. They regularly met just behind their closed garage doors of any of their homes. Sharing stories about their interests in motorcycles and just anything in general with a drink in hand (most of the time soda) had been their favorite past time. After this, most often than not, they straddle their big boys and ride it throughout town.

Along the way, they just continued to find people like them who share the same interest in bikes and riding. They religiously followed their ritual off riding through the town or places nearby. Then they started scheduling for rides to distant places they could travel. This had been a regular occurrence until one just got up and suggested to form a motorcycle club. That’s where we wolves are born.

Why wolves? Living in a domesticated neighborhood, we still retained the wildness in our little ways. We like taking rides in the back woods, and we always travel in groups – a pack. The most significant thing is like wolves, we care for every pack member..

Since the beginning of the Wolves MC in 2003, we have grown in strength and knowledge. In understanding the brotherhood, we have learned to give, as much as gain respect within the biking community. We will continue to accomplish this by hard work and sometimes hard lessons. It is not an easy task, however one we strive for.

We are not done learning. We will never be done learning. We do not take brotherhood lightly within, or outside our club. With our support and respect, we expect no less in return. We will always have a place for charity and will support our choosing with our strength and abilities. With all this, brings camaraderie, good times, and an overall feeling of family.




Wolves MC Tucson