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Awoo! Awoo!

Wolves MC Tucson is a motorcycle club that was born in bred in Tucson, Arizona. While the actual founding is incidental and unplanned – men drifting together because of the passion and love for their hogs and riding, we since then had taken seriously the brotherhood we signed up for. We are here for our brothers and with our brothers come what may. Some may even claim that the relationship we have among the Wolves pack is like marriage, the vow is until death do we part… and beyond. This is because once a member of the Wolves, always a member of the Wolves.

Starting in 2003, with just 3 members who sat sharing stories over a drink behind a cozy garage door in Las Vegas without knowledge that they’ll actually start a formal club in the long run, we are already a club with 43 members.  And this is just in the city. This is because throughout the years, we have learned to expand. This is because the demand for club like ours, with the mission and vision like we have is needed not only here but other cities as well. We may be a motorcycle club, yet we are more. We maintain to keep it that way – helping people along the way, and serving to make the life of the community better.

A motorcycle club. Burly-looking men with tattoos and club patches. Men who look as if they are only out there to cause trouble. People look at us and see this. But what we are, especially do is more than that. Yes, we move together looking like your worst nightmare; we may seem to crowd a place when we go in and eat; but the care we have for our brothers and families is much more than that. What more – what people do not expect is that we are among those individuals who strive to create a good change in the community.

One of the projects we came up over the years is adopting a foundation for our regular outreach program. We may enjoy being out there to have fun with our brothers in many different routes in and out of the city, but we also keep keen eyes on our surroundings. This opened our eyes on what we can do to help a part of our community. Our recipient foundations are usually among those which house women and children who suffered abused. Recently we also have those teenage care homes which shelter lads not of age who had been kicked out from their homes to fend for themselves. Once a month, usually every last month, we go to them to assist in whatever we can give them. We usually provide groceries for their daily needs, and clothing which we gather from our loved ones and from the neighborhood. We cook something for them to share, and create programs with activities to enjoy. What more is that, for the boys, we try to give them the assistance and support they needed to be encouraged back to the right track. We’ve been doing this for over 13 years. This is our dedication to this city.

What do we get in return? Priceless experiences and the joy from helping.

Today we are operating on a much larger scale, but the spirit of our “garage” days lives is never forgotten. We still do that on occasion but now you’ll find us more in our hangout place in the heart of the city.